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Illegal immigrants (or undocumented aliens, if you prefer - I don't see how it matters which label we use) are in the news. Let's look at what illegal immigrants typically do in order to work out whose fault it is.

Illegal immigrants, taken generally, work low-paying jobs that require little or no training. They are unskilled labour, and generally earn something below minimum wage.

From the employer's point of view, undocumented workers are the only ones she can pay below minimum wage, because documented workers are, by their very nature, documented. If I'm going to break the law by paying low wages, do I really want to hire someone who has the right to complain about it, or whose earnings get monitored by the government? Of course not.

So, the solution seems obvious. Stop forcing those employers to break the law. Eliminate minimum wage. That way, the incentive to hire illegals disappears as legal residents can then take those unskilled jobs.


Blogger craig said...

With immigration, no doubt the vast majority is economic, and the fleeing of persecution is something those on the political left hark about, but I think it is virtually never as severe as is purported as 'life in danger if deported'. Thus there is a form of moral blackmail on our consciousness that blurs our judgement and shift goal posts constantly. This is a best case scenario ignoring all the mismanagement in particular profile in the press currently.
If majority of migration is economically driven the simple answer is to reduce the demand, and make it harder for illegals to work. Such moves are now in force in USA where the illegal immigrant population dwarves that in European countries, but that is the sole developed in the country in the world with a land border with a 'developing country', allowing influx over decades to build up.
Penalties in Britain for knowingly hiring (not asking for NI details by default should fall into this abuse) are much lower than the US, and the immigration police in Britain seems to have a much lower profile. In the US, you commonly see phone numbers on billboards you can call, to inform authorities of illegal workers and a team will be sent to that workplace. Such an agressive attitude will not go down well with European lefties, but ultimately it is the power of the ballot which will force changes as the public presumably shift their views on this biggest migration of human population in Western Europe since the (possibly) Neolithic times, in such a short period. If this doesn't happen, demographics would state that the inevitable
alternative will be a London type of multiculturalism and the obligatory lefty philosophy in work, arts, media etc. pervading the entire country and continent in time, where only minor communities retain the irrelevant 'old charm of white folk', making them into tourist attractions for the wrong reasons.
This isn't to place the moral cry of act now or accept Brazialian model for racial mixing (though even this society isn't completely colour blind), but more it is the people to decide not the politicians how fast these changes happen, not if, as they are in the long term inevitable. So when you have a chance to vote, use it...But use it wisely, read the political manifestos (all are on the internet) communicate with the local MP if you have a gripe (most have weekly surgeries, just ask at the council offices) and organise into groups if you really feel angry. I think if say a few hundred people simultaneously in a borough stopped paying council tax because they felt a rise was unfair, they cannot all be jailed / houses repossed (for refusing to pay it and the fines), as the press will be on their side, and the prisons are so crowded they even release foreign criminals...But such acts first need informed people with dedication, who have a vision for better governance. I have hope...

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